When we think of the performing arts (Acting, Music, Dance, etc.) in its practical, applied sense quite often our thoughts gravitate towards stages, live performances, scenic events, concerts of all descriptions, gigs, festivals and other leisure and cultural activities. While the excitement and even glamour of this vision is a powerful incentive for aspiring and practicing artists as well as audiences, there are other social purposes the performing arts can be turned to. The arts can represent a powerful tool capable of integrating and bringing people together.

One of the most prominent realities facing Europe today involves the waves of immigration from Africa and other countries – individuals fleeing war, poverty, exploitation and repression seeking a better life in the European Union. The challenges associated with the integration of these migrants into European life are palpable and manifested on a daily basis on television and through other news media.

Under funding from the European Commission’s Erasmus+ programme Esart has joined a European consortium of partners based in Italy, Belgium, the UK and Greece in researching and testing how Opera and the related performing arts can be applied to the immigration crisis to facilitate socio-cultural integration. For more information on our project, Get Close to Opera (GCTO), please visit: https://www.getclosetoopera.eu/

Please read our national report which highlights practice in this area in Spain. GET CLOSE TO OPERA NATIONAL REPORT SPAIN

We will keep you updated regarding GCTO developments.


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